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Young Advisors

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Sonia Clyne

27th March 2017

Young Entrepreneurs Support and Training

9 local young people have been recruited to deliver Leslie Silvelocke’s programme which will include weekend training away and result in accreditation which will help with Job applications.

“Young Advisors enjoyed the residential at Mountbatten they made good friendships with the Plymouth young advisers group. We have arranged for them to come to us for the day in the half term holidays and for us to go to Plymouth and take part in a community mapping day so they can look at one an others communities and discuss what will make them more young person friendly.

Our young Advisors  have been to another youth club in Fraddon to compare and observe how other young person spaces are run. We have been invited to the Fourways management committee meeting and St.Blazey monthly community meet to discuss running a made in PL24 stall in the summer holidays. Tonight we will be meeting up to plan a photography project, Next week the Young Advisers will be preparing to deliver a small presentation to the Big Par Bay local Committee on the 19th of May.”

Town/Parish Councils will be able to commission the Young Advisor group to look at various aspects of the area. They will be doing community mapping over the summer holiday period and making a video.