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Job Club and Financial Advice

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Sonia Clyne

27th July 2016

Par Bay Job Club was set up in July 2016 after the one in St Blazey closed down.

For the first 6 months we were supported by Paul Green who ran the previous Job Club  then Jenny Taylor and Sonia Clyne took over. One of the jobseekers volunteered to help at the Job Club.

Jobseekers are expected to spend 35 hours per week seeking employment. Failure to do so can result in being “sanctioned” i.e. Jobseeker allowance is stopped.

For those who do not have access to the internet this can be very frustrating and distressing. Our aim is not only to provide computer access to those without technology, but also give help in using a computer, reading and spelling for those whose reading and writing skills are poor. We are preparing individual model job application letters and, importantly, providing moral support to the job seekers and are already seeing great improvements in self-confidence and personal success.

Some have joined the computer course run by St Blaise Council

Two job seekers attended the Food Hygiene Level 2 training course and were successful.

We actively encourage volunteering and one of the job seekers helped at St Blaise Feast parade and one in the community garden in Par

We have also been in touch with St Austell Foodbank supported by the Trussell Trust and now issue Food Vouchers from the Job Club.



Financial Advice (from March 2017)

Kerry Woodcock a new panel member is running a free Financial  Advice clinic alongside the Food Bank run by Par St Mary’s Church on Wednesdays. She came to us through our links with UnLtd a UnLtd – The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs is a charitable organisation in the United Kingdom set up by seven organisations that promote social entrepreneurship.

She has helped on average 2-3 recipients per week not just with financial advice but also with filling in claims forms,making calls to governmental departments and a respite grant application.

Her help has been very welcome