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Josh Taylor – Youth Entrepreneurship Training & Bike Hire Project

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Admin Par Bay Big Local

31st May 2015

An application was received from Josh Taylor to develop this project for the benefit of local young entrepreneurs, helping them to develop the skills and confidence to run their own ventures or to be part of a new bike hire business in the area.


10 local youngsters have gone on to successfully complete their training, with several going on to new jobs or self-employment.  The bike hire scheme has already had a soft launch and, when fully launched, aims to become sustainable and fund places for even more young people in the Par Bay area who are currently on a waiting list.  There has been much collaboration with local residents and businesses, via second-hand bike donations and interest in involvement and advertising.

Jobs & Income: At least one person will be employed on the bike hire scheme which will continue to fund places for others in future – at least another 10 on waiting list.

Health: Physical and mental health benefits via support at crucial time in participants’ lives (eg unsure what they wanted to do, keen to start their own business or wishing to change jobs) and via cycling itself.

Youth & Families:   Support as above for initial 10 local youngers and more in future years. Bike hire will include options for adults and children, allowing family days out.

Recreation:   Bike hire will benefit both locals and tourists of all abilities.

Overall Community Benefits:

Many collaborations with local businesses and much interest expressed


Numerous unused/old bikes donated for repair and re-sale, thereby generating additional income.


Full bike hire launch planned for March 2016.

Aim to include some of the participants on Project Board and continue to be involved.

Further discussions with park Leisure re collaboration.

Also anticipate expanding business and involving other local businesses – storage, pick-up and drop-off, funding places on future courses.