Awards and Funding

Awards & Funding

We’ve held a number of Participatory Budgeting and Community Awards events to help support our local community groups and residents in their ventures

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You can also see some of the funded groups and projects in action on our video  

A number of larger awards have also been made to local projects and groups who are involved in the above categories, helping to make even more of a difference for  our local residents

To date, we’ve awarded £600,000 across 75 projects SUMMARY OF INVESTMENT to MAY 2018

We also now have a number of community assets which are available to other local groups upon request

Other Projects and Activities

In autumn 2014, our charitable arm – Par Bay Community Trust – was established in order to acquire premises suitable for a Community Hub

More recently, we were fortunate to be given permission to develop a local plot for the benefit and enjoyment of the community

Follow the progress of our two main ventures:  Community Hub and Glencliffe Community Garden



Recent focus has been on jobs and income and PBBL has liaised with others to help support local people with their business ideas, social or otherwise, and also training opportunities that are available in our area:

  • Bricks & Bread offer free advice consultations to prospective entrepreneurs

  • UnLtd offer grants on three levels to social entrepreneurs :
  • St Blazey & District Town Team’s aim is the regeneration of local businesses in St Blazey and improving job opportunities –
  • AWC Training offer education and training programmes with work experience that is focussed on giving young people the skills and experience that employers are looking for :

The above organisations joined us at a successful open day and networking event in 2016 which has assisted in wider collaborations

Most recent PBBL developments have included the establishment of a weekly Job Club in St Blazey, weekly Debt Advice sessions in Par  (links) , investment in a Young Advisors scheme and the commissioning of youth outreach work in the PBBL area