About Par Bay Big Local

What is Par Bay Big Local ? 

Par Bay Big Local (PBBL) was created in 2010 to support the communities of Par, St Blazey and Tywardreath.  It was one of the first “Big Local” areas in the country to be awarded £1M over 10 years, to help support and benefit the local community.  The funding comes from the Big Local Trust that was set up independently from the Big Lottery Fund and holds funding for the area.  All Big Local areas identified a “trusted” partner to help them develop in the early days and we chose to work with the Eden Project, an innovative organisation who have supported PBBL fantastically over the years

Aerial map of Par Bay Area

What makes Par Bay Big Local different?

One of the main differences between PBBL and other similar programmes is that we are entirely community led – in fact, this is one of the main drivers behind the whole national initiative.  Each Big Local area needed to engage with its community and create a “Vision” based on what the community want, in order to be able to draw down funding from the Local Trust.  Big Local is also low on bureaucracy, meaning we have a real say in how it is run and how flexible it can be

Who are we?

The group that helps keep PBBL ticking over is entirely volunteer led and also has as many local residents as possible, joining with other agencies to ensure we can maximise the opportunities for our area.  So, we have a number of local residents who bring experience from a range of backgrounds:  scouting, modern language teaching, debt counselling, voluntary groups, business and local councillorship and, of course, we live and play here!

Local Partnership Group

What has Par Bay Big Local done so far?

Following extensive initial community engagement and feedback from our residents, we identified six main areas of focus. These are:  Jobs & Income, Housing, Health, Environment, Youth & Family and Recreation & Culture.

Over the years, we have awarded a number of grants to projects which support these overarching categories and our Vision and Plan documents have been developed to continue underpinning what residents tell us they want for our community.

We’ve held a number of Participatory Budgeting and Community Awards events to help support our local community groups and residents in their ventures

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You can also see some of the funded groups and projects in action on our video  

A number of larger awards have also been made to local projects and groups who are involved in the above categories, helping to make even more of a difference for  our local residents

Work continues towards providing a PBBL “legacy” via investment in our Community Trust’s premises CORNUBIA, where refurbishment is well underway and activities are already taking place

We also now have a number of community assets which are available to other local groups upon request

The Big Local Pathway


Getting People Involved





Exploring the Big Local Vision





Forming the Big Local Partnership





Creating a Big Local Plan



Completed and endorsed by Local Trust in November 2012



Delivery the Big Local Plan



Underway and ongoing


Collecting the Evidence





Reviewing the Big Local Plan and Partnership



May 2015, September 2016 and ongoing