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What on earth is

Big local?

Big Local is an exciting opportunity for residents in 150 areas around England to use at least £1m to make lasting and positive difference to their communities.

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How it works.

Step One

You have a great idea for a project which would help the community, or you are a community group with a good idea. Check to see if it is included in one or more of our 6 priority areas: Jobs and income, Health, Young people and families, Environment, Recreation, Housing.

Step Two

Chat to your friends and see what ideas they have. They might want to be part of your project.

Step Three

Post your idea on the website and get your friends to support your idea.They can log in and make comments if they wish.

Step Four

Get in touch with us-come along and share your project with the Big Local Partnership and explore the options to realise your plan. We can help you to get advice and funding.

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