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Big local?

Big Local is an exciting opportunity for residents in 150 areas around England to use at least £1m to make lasting and positive difference to their communities.

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Step One

FOCUS 2018 HEALTH You have a great idea for a project which would help the community, or you are a community group with a good idea. Check to see if it is included in one or more of our 6 priority areas: Jobs and income, Health, Young people and families, Environment, Recreation, Housing. Complete the online application form or contact Karen Dawkins at the Eden Project c/0 Karen Dawkins, Foundation Building, Eden Project, Bodelva PL24 2SG or email

Step Two

Submit the application form to Karen Dawkins and supply a business plan if requested.

Step Three

The Panel will consider the application. Additional information may be requested which must be supplied within 2 months or on an agreed timescale. Failure to do so will render the application invalid. A response will be given ASAP and within 2 months of receiving that final application.

Step Four

Having received your funding, you will be expected to report back to PBBL on a regular basis on how your project is doing, what impact it has made and to provide evidence of expenditure. There will be a feedback form to complete after 6 months and possibly additional paperwork. Contributing to your the project through your time or money as match funding demonstrates your commitment to the project. We would expect all paperwork to be complete with 12 months.

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